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to know what caused a fire on treasure island on saturday that took the life of a little girl. they are calling it "suspicious." the ten-year-old died in the fire that tore through six apartments on saturday morning. she was in 4th grade in san francisco. this is cell phone video of the fire, six people were inside the apartment at the time. everyone made it out but the girl who was trapped in an upstairs bedroom. >> i think about i heard her cry and i heard her crying, ouch, and after that i knew she left me and right then i knew my life would not be the same. >> a neighbor tried to get to her but was forced back by the fire and smoke. >> this morning san francisco police are warning women in the mission district about a man who could be behind who attacks. these are sketches of the
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suspect. the two appear almost identical. the latest happened february 2 end. the victim says a man punched her several times before running away. neighbors say they are paying closer attention. >> i always walk my friends home or they walk me home. i do not walk alone super late anymore in my neighborhood. >> a similar attack happened in the same area back on january 6, a man tackled a woman and held her on the sidewalk at 23rd and church. the victim screamed and the man ran away. >> the district will decide if a cell phone store employees will face charges for killing a suspected robber. a man walked into a store yesterday and point add gun at an employee and ordered that person into a back room when another worker shot and killed the armed man. no customers were in the store
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and investigators are reviewing surveillance video to determine if the shooting was justified. the same store has been robbed several times. >> you knew this was coming but it is official, olympic blade runner oscar pistorius is taking a break from his career as he fight as murder charge in the super model girlfriend's death. the agent has canceled all future track races as he sits in jail in south africa. he be in court tomorrow to find out whether he is granted bail. reeva steenkamp was shot to death inside a bathroom at his home on tuesday. reports say a bloody bat was found in the athlete's home. oscar pistorius said he thought he was shooting an intruder. >> we are learning more about pope benedict's declining health. a german reporter says he noticed two months ago hit hearing had deteriorated and he appeared to have gone blind in
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his left eye and lost weight and he looked exhausted. 50,000 supporters jammed st. support's square outside the vatican yesterday to attend the next-to-last weekly blessing. he will retire a week from thursday. the cardinals meet for a conclave to elect a new pope before easter. >> the white house leaked details of a plan to overhaul the immigration system and deal with the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants here. the white house says president obama wants to be prepared in case a small bipartisan group of senators fails to come up with reform plan. the administration is weighing an option to allow immigrants to become legal residents in eight years. some children are undocumented immigrants in the bay area talked to us about it. >> my dad, to not be scared, because my dad is scared. >> some say the plan's big of
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the problem is it doesn't guarantee a pathway to citizenship or adequately deal with future immigrants. senator rubio who is working on a senate plan says the president's plan if proposed would be dead on arrival. >> the coast guard plans to interview more people who were on a ferry that collided with a small boat in san francisco bay last saturday as at the golden gale transit ferry left sausalito for san francisco. you can see the damage to the boat. two men are in the hospital with reports that the boat was traveling at a high rate of speed when it collided with the ms san francisco. no one on board the ferry was hurt. the five crew are on leave while the accident is investigated. that is standard procedure. >> pain at pump. are gas prices still going up? prices now have gone up 32 straight days. the national average is the highest it has ever been at this
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time of year at $3.73 a gallon. san francisco drivers are paying $4.13. the switch from winter to summer blend is limiting production. crude oil futures actually fell 28 cents to nearly $95 a barrel so what is going on? we will have more in a report in 30 minutes. >> maybe we should find out if this is a good idea to bicycle or walk to work. >> save a little money. >> expend calories. what do you think? >> today's our dry day. we are starting off with more cloud cover but you can see the 24 temperature change and everyone is the same but for novato is the bigger exception at five degrees cooler. now novato is 34 but 39 in napa and santa rosa and san carlos at 46. and concord is 45 and livermore
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is 39 and san jose is 33. and oakland is at 50 degrees. through the day we will have clouds in the morning, and temperatures hang out in the low to mainly upper 40's but for the north bay valley where you saw the 30's with a cooler breeze today, the sea breeze will be stronger and the cooling trend will continue today only low-to-mid 50's at noon, same thing at 4:00, with pockets of sunshine and we will have a dry evening with temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. tomorrow, have the wet weather gear handy because we. -- we will have wet weather. temperatures in the upper 40's to mid 50's tomorrow and wednesday and light showers possible on thursday. >> now, live from berkeley and to the macarthur maze there are a few headlights but it is relatively light with no major
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delays. walnut creek a few tail lights headed to the turn at north main, very light conditions this morning and we hope that will be the case the morning, and the holiday bart that is on a saturday schedule and muni is saturday and caltrain is modified holiday service. kristen and eric? >> thank you very much. it is 4:39. >> shock and tragedy in the entertainment world. the unexpected death of a country music superstar. >> a dramatic concert at sea as a musician sets fire to his instrument. but first the tech boats this morning. >> google is the latest company planning to open their own stores by next christmas with executives feeling many potential customers for their devices need to get their hands on them before buying. other silicon valley companies
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>> san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> this morning, the music world is mourning the death of country singer mindy mccready. the 37-year-old was found dead from a self inflighted gunshot wound at her arkansas home yesterday. she soared to the top of the charts in 1996 but an autopsy is pending. she has fought addiction and been in a bitter custody fight with her mother over her two
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young sons. this is a month after her long time boyfriend committed suicide at the same home north of little rock. >> scientists confirm that rocks found on a frozen lake are part of a meteor that slammed into the ural mountains at 46,000 miles per hour. they are still cleaning up the damage. scientists say the blast had the force of 30hiroshima bombs. people are posting meteor pieces for sale on e-bay worth from $100 to $100,000 depending on size. >> in florida, a meteor shower caused quite a stir. this is an image from tv station wplg after flooded reports over flare like objects from
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jacksonville to key west. >> have you wondered what would you say in your acceptance speech if you won an oscar? final preparations are underway for the academy awards, oscar is on a road trip giving movie fans just that opportunity. now, where oscar is headed next. >> for the first time ever, ross car is on a road trip. the 8.5 golden statue is in the middle of a three-week adventure meeting fans and taking photos with celebrities. ♪ people who love oscar >> the road trip started in new york on "good morning america" and will be traveling around the country. >> then he hit the road stopping in philadelphia. washington. and baltimore. the fans are decided where the
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escorts stop along the way. we will go to your wedding or funeral, or grandmother's boyfriend. >> there have been high profile stops. >> mommy, daddy, look at your girl. >> every day places where fans have been practicing the acceptance speech. >> so many i would like to thank. >> after getting a taste of chicago's famous pizza, oscar stopped in stimulus, kansas city, houston, dallas, and is in tee -- phoenix. >> you can suggest where they take oscar while in phoenix. the golden statue will travel across the desert here to hollywood in time for oscar sunday. >> don't forget abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars february 24, you can countdown to the big night with our
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official oscars app, the back stage pass features the best access with more than a dozen cameras streaming video behind the seens and from the red carpet. the app is available for iphone, ipad, droid, and kindle fire. >> san francisco artist who have been playing old piano on a half moon bay bluff ended, literally, in a blaze of glory. he set the baby grand piano on fire as a finale before the city shut him down. >> this is to bring people together. it is wonderful. the burning of the is see it go up in smoke but i had a couple ideas and i feel good. >> he set the piano on fire and kept playing as it started burning. the city says he didn't have the proper permits to continue the outdoor concerts.
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he says he may use some of the piano char bits in a structure. >> what was he playing, "heat wave." "fire" by the ohio players. he was on fire. >> no smoking hot weather? >> i love to play along but it will get colder and wetter. i will snuff your fire. >> it was not cold by that piano. here is what we are looking at looking down from mount tamalpais. we are seeing a little bit of haze out there hanging around and things are looking pretty nice as far as any type of wet weather. we just don't have it this morning. if you are out and about, no worries. >> now, live doppler 7 hd show it is spinning up there waiting for the next system to come in, possibly this time tomorrow,
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from the northwest so we will get it first with live doppler 7 hd and this is how walnut creek looks, with traffic on 680. it is clear. temperature running 45 right now in concord, your neighbor to the north and gilroy at 38, a cool spot, along with napa at 39 and santa rosa at 35, the cool spot, and fairfield is 45. now, today, we will have partly sunny conditions and a few breaks in the cloud cover up there but the clouds will be out there and it will be cooler today with the cooling trend continuing and we will drop another three or four degrees and a stray shower tonight but mostly tomorrow the commute will be dry, the wet weather will move in after that and two different pushes and lowering snow levels each time we get a dusting of snow above 2,500'. you can see the system to our north, the colder air coming in
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behind it, and this is the one that is going to bring us the cooler and wetter weather if tuesday and tuesday will be the coldest day in the forecast. so, tomorrow morning, you can see a few stray showers but it will be very, very light, and it will be very scattered. headed through the morning commute the north bay will start to fill with wet weather and the rest of us after the commute and the first wave starts to move there and we will get a break in the afternoon and the second wave moves through in the evening hours and by 11:00 it is gone but the second wave will also dust our higher elevations with snow, and wake up wednesday morning, it is looking quiet out there, and as far as our temperatures we will run in the upper 50's in the south bay with 57 in santa clara and 55 in san mateo and a lot of 57's on the peninsula. the coast is clouds, low-to-mid 50's and same in downtown san francisco, and as we head up north mid-to-upper 50's with mostly cloudy conditions and
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partly sunny and mid-50's along the east bay shore and partly cloudy headed inland and temperatures running in the mid-to-upper 50's. moving on to...the lows tonight and we are trying to get to the lows, and we are going to have temperatures right new in the 40's for most of us. here is the accweather seven-day outlook, tomorrow will be the coolest and temperatures are on the rise and another chance of rain on thursday. >> in san jose, clear skies here and clear roadways, as well, you can see the headlights headed northbound, the julyian exit northbound with no delays and it is nice here at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems upper deck moving smoothly in the city and from antioch, everything is at the limit and we are looking at holiday "lite" track and some of the mass transit shows golden
4:49 am
gate ferry on holiday schedule and the golden get buses and transit is on a sunday schedule. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, readers digest is starting a second bankruptcy process, filing for chapter 11 protection last night the second time in 3 1/2 years. analysts see it as a sign of the pressures on media companies are lying on print publication, coming out of last bankruptcy decently but fewer customers by the books and other products. >> republicans opposed to hagel to become secretary of state will likely allow his senate confirmation vote to proceed. critics say he is unqualified to lead the military and are concerned the former g.o.p. senator from nebraska and decorated vietnam vet is not supportive of israel and is unreasonably sympathetic to iran. senator john mccain says he does not believe hagel is
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qualified but his nomination should not be held up any further. president obama has been angered by republicans delaying him from completing his national security team. >> a man goes for a hike in the northern california foothills and ends up with unwanted company. the frightening encounter that had him calling 9-1-1. >> parents, do your kids spend hours watching tv? it is not the time if
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>> pressure is mounting on president obama to make protecting the environment a top priority. hundreds rallied to gather against the keystone pipeline calling for moving oil from canada to the gulf of mexico through several states. >> a larger demonstration took place in washington, dc, with a
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group voicing opposition to the keystone pipeline, as well calling for the president and congress to take more action on climate change. >> northern california hiker is safe after a face-to-face stand off with a mountain lion north of sacramento that lasted for an hour as the sun went down. david n ash was hiking when he came upon a female cougar that dashed ahead of him and backed herself in a corner and first he thought it was exciting until she didn't back down. >> i got irritated and blew the whistle hard, loud, for as long as i could, and blinked my eyes and i could see her eyes 20 feet away coming at me fast. >> she broke the charge and returned to the corner and a c.h.p. helicopter scared her off and escorted him to safety. the wardens had to shoot and
4:54 am
kill the mountain lion after she confronted them. >> a man is facing burglary charges after police say he left an important piece of evidence at the crime scene, a camera, containing a picture of himself. police say the burglar broke into two bitses on pacific avenue last week and during the investigation the detectives discovered a digital camera at a business that contained a photo of the burglary. he confessed to the burglaries and was booked. >> what is the weather like on this holiday? >> skiers are excited and they are getting word of snow coming. >> in the sierra there will be snow tomorrow and thursday with winter weather advisories. please be careful when you are headed up that way tomorrow. we will have more on the timeframe here coming up. today, back here at home you can see we go from clouds north to partly sunny south, and
4:55 am
mid-to-upper 50's around the bay with 59 in san francisco, and 55 in oakland and 58 in san jose, and concord is 57 and vine in santa rosa, and low-to-mid 50's along the coast. now, what will happen this morning, 58 in eureka with showers and 48 in tahoe but mostly cloudy. temperatures at 70 in fresno and 77 in palm springs and 65 in los angeles if you are traveling that way it will be dry. sue? >> not too many people on the roads on the golden gate bridge. no one is coming southbound, a couple of headlights now just crossing the mid-span where two lanes and you will have four lanes for monday morning commute. otherwise we have good traffic here, good conditions on the san mateo bridge, with the tail lights on the flat section headed toward the peninsula and the head lights headed toward haywood and now, the drive times, 580 over the altamont pass looking good, and highway four out of antioch is moving nicely and there is the east
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shore commute. >> it is now 4:57. bmw is calling 600,000 vehicles because a battery connection can fail causing the vehicles to stall build from years 2007 to 2011 and covers 2008 to 2012 one series and will replace the cable and secure it for free. >> the kind of tv programs children watch could impact how they behave. researchers say switching away from violent shows to educational or less violent programs can improve pre-school behavior. the university of washington study found the amount of t they watched did not matter. usually they spend 4 1/2 hours in front of the tv each day. what? what? >> gas prices are going up, up, up, again, but how high?
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at 5:00 a.m., the answer that anyone who drives probably will not
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good president's day at 5:30 1. thank you for joining us. mike nicco has a check on the weather. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd and you can see how quiet the weather is and picking up dry air with no rain. tomorrow, we will have rain out there in the form of scattered showers ahead of the initial line. here is a look at embarcardero

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